When I first started my journey to being a psychologist I never knew the dark paths of  which it would lead me, I was put through my own psychological phases, having to face my own past and resolve to understand it in order to help others with there’s… it was a long and meaningful journey and it helped massively but what took a twist for that worse was the deception training I had to do for it. 

This was an option I felt I needed to take but I feel like I wanted to warn others of this option…when you peek into psychology it’s like looking into the eye of life…into the mind of every human being on this planet your a step above the average person and you see things others can’t, you can solve situations others can’t, and your called upon in a whim for your indepth sight and knowledge…when you take a deception class your mind is taken into the depth beyond the human mind…it’s as if you can read people and there rythemic pattern, you know what there going to say and do before they even do it.

I took the deception course as a protection against people as we know people lie all the time…as I am in the midst of my exams I cannot divulge much information about how people lie…but I can tell you that when you become a full PhD psychologist it is well worth taking these classes…it would put you ahead of the patient and you’ll be able to ease down the barriers they put up as soon as they start talking to you…the patients lies start before they have even seen you…it’s likely the patient has been mulling over what to say the night before and many are worried and stressed.

It is a fact that when you notice someone lying its not the lie that you should be worried about it’s WHY they lied to you…Now if you notice the lie you must delve deeper but gently prode to there lie, it’s like rummaging through garbage and trying to find that diamond in the rough the answer that will open the doors to the patients needs and wants. 

Psychology has in the past had many turns had bad Rep but that’s because not many people want there intimate and private thoughts laid out bare to a stranger esp if that person can’t even be open to there partner…so how do you think there going to be with a stranger? Even though we have the letters phd on the door..you are still a stranger in there eyes and they will by fact tell lies but by noticing the lie and then unfolding the lie to know why they lie is the beginning to a wonderful patient relationship. 

Now when I get my PhD and I pass my deception course I will not tell my patients of the deception expertise I hold as this will instantly put up a barrier for each patient and some will use it as a game to test me…

I am writing this blog to warn anyone who wants to go in behavioural psychology to be careful and think long and hard about it…it will take you to places that will split your emotions and mind in two, and you as a person will question everything in life and in humans, you will be cautious of the world around you and it will make you feel like you have the god complex…also you must keep in check the “intelligence in service of madness” you have profound knowledge that can mentally hurt the patient and others around them…remember you see what others can’t and you have the answers that many have killed themselves over…so approach psychology with caution and with a very open mind.

You will deal with some very troubling issues some that you will question and test you, there are patients that you cannot become emotionally attached to even though your heart sings out to them…

I believe to become a great psychologist you must solve the puzzle that is yourself in Order to help others…and to take the deception course, I am following along the foot steps of a mr C.G.Jung who once qouted that…to help others you must first help yourself…solve your own problems to help solve others…

This is most important. But please remember you are staring life in the eye and the eye is all seeing and it is an abyss beyond human comprehension, we know secrets many can’t handle, we hold such information that can make or break a person and we must tread carefully…we are the all seeing eye. 

Thank you for reading.