Yes…I dance…not any ordinary dance…it’s called shuffle dancing and I hate the name for it cos it sounds like an old codger dance but it’s far from.

I dance to what is called EDMusic “Electric Dance Music…and I couldn’t recommend it enough it’s just amazing and here’s why:

Iv lost 4st in weight in record number of very short months.

I sweat so much I literally rid of my toxins in one fell swoop

It keeps me healthy and my body is toned and tight.

It’s makes me happy and I feel amazing during and after

It’s makes you super tired and you sleep so well during the night.

You get to listen to the music you love and you don’t realise your losing weight and it doesent even feel like a work out as your enjoying it so much! 

I dance for over an hr im not sure how many calories I burn but judging by the sweat and cardio work out it’s guessing it’s a lot.

The endorphins go wild and let loose whilst you dance so it’s a natural stress reliever…I dance when I’m happy the majority of the time but when I’m angry I dance hard and for longer and I can’t tell you how better I feel for it! My body is looking amazing and I feel lighter for it! 

I am on Instagram and since joining the EDM group I have made so many friends it’s amazing and I love it! There from all over the world and I dance along side them in videos we do for and with each other either on Skype or other forms…

To check me out and other EDM Dancers or maybe just to see what it’s all about and want to give it a go, go to INSTAGRAM And look for zeena2570.

Thank you for reading.