So…I’m on twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and I am growing ever more concerned about the women’s view on men and how they should be for them, how they should act and what to say and do…let me give you a few examples:

“He ain’t no man if he don’t put your tampon in for you”

“I have a mental breakdown if he doesn’t message me back straight away”

“I want a man to message me every day esp in the morning because if he doesent he ain’t worth your time”

“My man has to stay loyal, be there when I want him to be, treat me like a princess at all times cos if he don’t he wait worth shit”

These are to name but a few! These women who put qoutes like these want a lapdog not a man! They want the guy to run around and do everything for them! And I’m like hell to the no! 

Men have put up with women’s shit for centuries, they put it with our mood swings, out last second call for chocolate at daft o clock, our bitching about other girls, our menstral cycle, our attitude problems, our lack of respect and lack of greatfulness, we string men along because of our insecurities and statistically a lot more women have insecurities about themselves then men do! So they have to put up with all that shit! Esp when we ask them if we look good!! Do you know how scary that is for a guy to answer?!?! Us women are like a mine field in that area.

Men in this day and age are walking a tight rope with women, there all disposable as we have dating sites left right and centre we have webcams and FaceTime so we can see other people around the world! 

Basically what I’m saying is..please stop been so unrealistic, if the guy loves you he will give you what you need and he won’t be told what to do because he can only give you himself and if it was possible even the world BUT not every guy shows the same kind of love you EXPECT there are 7.5billion humans on this planet and we all work different…so when you find a guy you like don’t have this manic crazy expectation in your head of how you want to be loved or cared for…just be lucky you have someone who adores you for you and stop requesting stupid idiotic things like putting tampons in for you or he ain’t a man!!