When I stare at the mirror…not into it…I feel for the world…the planets and gods 

The world and planets and gods perceives its self through us..all of us…1.7 billion.

There is no fluffy white cloud of which we sit upon looking down to our loved ones…it is a false reality 

I don’t think we die and wake up…I think…no in fact I know we die and there is nothing beyond…we are stars that shine so bright and we feel every second we are alive and we are alive for so long that life becomes numb…a constant, we feel.

We deny death like we deny to live life full, our denial is our own death…we chose not to seek pleasure but pain…pain makes us feel alive, it feels ferociously beyond all else…

We throw love around like it will never expire, we love one so we can love another…but that one true strike of love that hits us like an thief in the night taking our hearts and surrendering to what is…

Will never…..never be forgotten…

And when that feeling strikes the core of even the hardened person…it is hard to forget and becomes a want a need…and we explore for it….

We are gods…that feel for the space above us…we create music, art, from pain, fear and love…we fill a self fulfilling prophecy…that we turn our pain to something better.

And in turn we humans gather in crowds to comment, good or bad…but either way we have turned heads…

To have the past at our feet each time we wake…to feel is something immense.

Remembering a time…remembering can be a burden we all bear, but remembering is what shapes our present and future.
There is a quote I once heard.
This wasn’t your fault…what past is past,experience makes us strong, and you need to see this episode for what it is…an extraordinary experience…

“You can’t be so heartless”
“It isent heartless its finding a perspective most like the strength to rise above life’s suffering, to rule ones emotions, is to savour them…it takes a man of will.

You are a man of will…I knew it from the first time I met you.
And so we turn our will to something greater…because indeed the past is just that…the past…and you can either use it to heal you or break you…but use is wisely.
The past gives us strength in many forms, but don’t squander it. 
When I look into the mirror I see me myself and I

The past (me), present (myself) and future (I) 

And I had to personally fulfil my own prophecy that one day I would never let the past dictate me the way the past dictate my mum and dad…my dad found love with my mum, but his past tugged at him like an unwelcome visitor…and so he lost the opportunity…
People die of common sense one lost moment at a time…life is a moment there is no here after…so make it burn always with the hardest flame. 
Don’t destroy what can be…IF you feel something that has no explanation and stops you dead in your tracks then explore it with all your might and IF it turns out to be love, don’t turn away from it because the past casts a shadow of failure…

Make this your one success, people create art, music, poems, sonnets, become the best they can be…and some people find love and make a success of it. 

Cast the past to the shadows of where it belongs…and bring a light into the new.

Be selfless be fearless be you…all that you can be…and if all else fails you have tried but you have TRIED…and there are so many other opportunities because life a fleeting moment a flicker of an eye. 

But we don’t feel that now…because we know we will wake up tomorrow and the next day and the next and so it becomes more then a fleeting moment…it becomes a forever in our minds…

But would you live your life the same in the knowing that you would live forever?

And how would you live your life if you was given an expiration date? 

What would be the first thing you do? 

You couldn’t possibly force the find of love…

You couldn’t force your creative side…the unknown is always there because it allows the feelings to free flow and not be forced to a time. A time we have very little of and so not having an expiration date on our minds allows us to be free.