Waiting for just over 7yrs to get back into the hotel industry I finally had a chance to get my dream job back after having my daughter 7 yrs ago…

Well wasn’t I pleasantly surprised (sarcasm) I worked for a hotel big chain may I add and it was to put it politely complete and utter shit!

The last time I worked in a hotel was about 8yrs ago and it was amazing, had such a laugh, the guests were lovely and kind and had a joke with them no problems, every day I met different people with lovely life stories to tell me and I was fascinated with it all…the job was easy to learn and very rewarding…but I had to leave to have my baby girl, I then waited till she was old enough for me to go back into it.

I started the hotel industry again and it was a mere 8 months into it that I walked out of the job! And never in all my years I have been working have I ever walked out of a job! Never…but this day and age by god we’re awful human beings! What have we turned into!!!

Instead of having a laugh and telling jokes and stories it’s all the Moaning and whining and money this money that, never fucking happy and NEVER a good word to say! We have become petty and pathetic, rude, ignorant and un greatful!! And I am seriously ranting now because I am pissed off to the hills and back!

I mean what the fuck people?! We have a thing here in the U.K. Called trip advisor and it is awful! 90% negative on everything! I pull my finger out in work to give people what they want! Do you people think that because your in a hotel that you can talk to people a human being such as yourself like a piece of shit! Do you think this is your time to moan and whine and kick off over the tiniest of things just because the shampoo was too small to shampoo your 10ft long hair?! 

Jebus on a cracker people, were not standing united on the recession front were battling it out with each other! We’ve forgotten what it’s like to have a laugh and be greatful, smile and ACTUALLY say thank you once in a while! 

I had had enough, one guy jumped in a lift with me whilst I was on shift and had a massive go at me, made it personal about the service all over the hotel! Well I’m not management but if I was i certainly wouldn’t be taking shit from you! So after my 9hr shift of hell I grabbed my bag and walked out! 

So thank you member of the general public for been complete and utter fuck holes! Who have become so consumed with anger and hate that you made someone hate a job they should love and now also hates the human race!